Why should I use RMTLC?

We are a family owned and operated Home Watch business in Mesa, Arizona. We serve communities in Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe and Chandler. As a homeowner ourselves,  we genuinely care for your home as if it was ours. We value honesty and integrity and we’re insured, bonded and accredited members of NHWA. We have passed several background checks from our employers and NHWA. In addition, Kim has extensive knowledge in Real Estate since 2008.

Your home will be in good hands with our expertise!

What is home watch and why do I need it?

When you own a home, it needs all your attention. Things can go wrong while left unattended or even when you are home. Intruders can break-in, water heater leaks, broken pipes from your yard can burst wasting gallons of water, and power outages can cause loss.

As a home owner of a fairly new home, all of these things have happened to me! It is a stressful situation to deal with. We can eliminate the stress by keeping track on your home while you are away.

What if I have an alarm?

An alarm is a good service but only for intruder break-ins. It will not activate if there is a malfunction in your home, water leak, or electrical problems.

Who will be performing the home checks?

Our Home Watch is a family owned and operated business. Your home will be checked by the owners who are insured, bonded, highly qualified and trained. They also undergo a background check by the NHWA.

How do you handle emergencies?

When a crisis occurs, and they will, we have a protocol which we discuss with you at the initial consultation and get your consent to act. You will be immediately notified, and we will handle the emergency to prevent further damages which if left unattended, could cost you thousands.

What if my neighbor is watching my home?

Our clients come to us because their neighbors aren’t trained to look for issues before they begin.
We are trained to look for problems before they happen. We are also insured and bonded, as where your neighbors aren’t insured to look after your property.

What is the benefit of an Exterior home check?

Whenever a trespass occurs to your home, it always transpires from the exterior first. A broken window, a door ajar… can be signs of an intruder.

If you want peace of mind and are on limited budget, this service will give you both.
It is a great option for you as we are your eyes and ears!

What type of payment do you accept?

Bank transfer, PayPal, all major credit cards and cash are accepted.

Can you provide a referral service source if we need work done at our house?

Yes, we will provide you with several choices of licensed, insured and bonded contractors that you can choose from.

What are your Concierge services?

We offer personalized services for you and your guests.

Our Concierge services consist of:

  • Pre-arrival services such as stocking refrigerator, pantry, and ordering fresh flowers
  • Post departure services
  • Contractor access and supervision
  • Key Holder and point of contact for sub-contractor, repairs, services, and installation
  • Post-storm visual checks
  • Mail forwarding, delivery, and packages at our office
  • And more….. give us a call and discuss your service needs